PARKERS TOKYO, as a Lifestyle of “Harmony with Nature” 

Nowadays, we often see people enjoying yoga or running in the park and the corner of town. More and more people are realizing how good it feels to exercise under the sky. Harmony with Nature -feeling the wind, the earth and ourselves – allows us to revitalize our five senses and rediscover our true selves. 

PARKERS TOKYO is a brand new community connecting people with people and people with nature through activities like yoga, bouldering and running.

We offer enjoyable healthcare services to help you sustain an active life based on harmony with nature.


A brand new community to seek true well-being and beauty based on Harmony with Nature.

Fusion of indoor and outdoor activities in Shinjuku Central Park – Yoga in the studio, bouldering for everyone from children to adults, and outdoor fitness activities at one with nature and sensing the seasons- will keep your body and mind moving naturally. 

Monthly membership including 4 services(Visitor use is also available.)

1.Unlimited participation in studio programs and outdoor fitness programs (over 180 programs/month)

2.Usage of runners’ locker and shower

3.Usage of bouldering gym

4.Participation in SDGs events like healthcare, green and local programs


●Yoga studio (100m² for max.30 people) 

●Bouldering gym 

●Men’s & Women’s locker rooms 

●Members lounge 

●Members Terrace 

●Rental yoga mats and props (belt, bolster, Rug) 

●Rental bouldering shoes and chalk 

●Yoga mat lockers (additional fees apply) 

●Shoes lockers (additional fees apply)


Please check here about charges.